H. M. Harper Company, which was based out of Morton Grove, Illinois, started in 1923.  They had a strong

  leadership team that managed the fledgling fastener company during the depression and later through the wars in which our country proudly fought.  Along the way H. M. Harper Company became a publicly traded company and was providing the components that were needed to keep our country moving forward.   In 1966 the Harper Catalog was showcasing their specialty marketplace.   Corrosion Resistant Fasteners with 9,000 line items and 230 million pieces.  The last item that they headlined in the catalog was their nylon fastener inventory. Because of H. M. Harper’s success through the years they caught the attention of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.  In the Fall of 1970 the new president of H.M. Harper, K. B. Little visited the anti-corrosive metal products facility in Castleton, NY.  During a meeting he told the supervisors that the Harper Family was very interested in keeping the H.M. Harper name in any negotiations for new ownership in memory of the founder.  After leaving Castleton, NY, "K.B." met with Harold Geneen the head of ITT and accepted an offer for $17,000,000 in a stock purchase for the newly named  ITT Harper.

The 1970’s brought about excitement within the ITT Harper nylon fastener group.  Changes were coming.  ITT Harper was focusing on their corrosion resistant metal fastener group and their specialty molding group. In 1976 ITT Harper offered one of their in house nylon guru’s the opportunity to purchase their nylon fastener group.  Gus Ostrander was quick to become affectionately known as the “Head Nut” of Brookview Bolt.  Along with the fastener inventory purchased from ITT Harper, Gus reached out and rented storage  space from Parker Precision Plastics along with many equipment purchases from across upstate New York   With the heavy demand for customized nylon, PVC and Teflon fasteners from organization’s such as Rolls Royce, NASCAR, Boeing along with others kept Brookview Bolt very busy.  Gus guided Brookview Bolt through the latter part of the 70’s into the 80’s and 90’s up to 2013.  In 2013 Douglas Sales and Promotions Corporation purchased Brookview Bolt.


Douglas Sales and Promotions Corporation has taken Brookview Bolt to new levels in the corrosion resistant

non metallic fastener marketplace. Besides purchasing new equipment including a CNC Lathe, Stainless Steel Heating baths and 3D Printers the ownership has focused on offering a larger variety of our standard products along with our high quality custom products.  Today Brookview Bolt is best known for providing corrosion resistant fasteners, rollers, collars, arbors and threaded rods.  The sales base has been focused towards the wholesale marketplace along with large quantity ordering OEM’s.  Large distributors as well as medium to large wholesalers all use Brookview Bolt for their go to resource for high quality and difficult to find parts.